Saturday, November 3, 2007

Power of Intention

"The most powerful tool any of us have is that of our Intention. A characteristic of the energy field of consciousness is it's propensity to vault to higher and higher levels in order to give expression to the highest potentialities. So inherent to the nature of consciousness is the desire to continue evolving upwards. This progression implies that consciousness seeks to return to the awareness of it's unknown source. So how does that evolution happen...

From studying the work of spiritual teachers, it seems that our intention plays the greatest role in our spiritual evolution. When we make the decision to do something based on our own selfish benefit, the results reflect that selfish intention. If the exact same action is taken for the benefit of all mankind the results will be that much greater. This is it this Intention that creates the 'magic' of the great works of art.

I've been fortunate to see Michelangelo's sculpture, David. Anyone that is then in the presence of such magnificent art will immediately notice there's an innate quality to that art that transfixes the mind. It is amazing to be in a museum with a group of strangers, everyone staring at the sculpture, speechless. David is the manifestion of Michelangelo's intention to create art for everyone that drew fourth such joy.

Intention sets the context of what is found, when this intention is applied to our spiritual work, it sets the stage is for rapid spiritual progression. This intention sets an attitude of willingness which opens up the mind to a new possibility of perceiving the world. They're two critical points on the path the spiritual advancement, both set by our intention. The first critical point arises from the intention to except full responsibility for one's own actions feelings and beliefs. This must happen because as long as cause and responsibility are projected at outside of one's self one will remain in the illusion of the of perpetrator victim model set forth by Carl Marx. With accepting responsibility for our lives comes great power and the ability to shape our lives.

The second critical point is reached when the attitude of a none judgemental forgiveness and acceptance of love as a way of perceiving the world begins to become habitual. This spiritual progression allows us to exercise unconditional kindness to all people, things, and events, without exception. In 12 step groups, it's accepted that there are never justified resentments and even if someone 'did you wrong', you are still free to choose your response and not be controlled by your anger.

So where does one get power to make these jumps to these different levels?

Power comes from the willingness of the individual to ask for help from a power greater than it self. All that is required is asking for God's help."

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