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Monday, August 11, 2008

The Seven Rays of Light, Meditation


Not unlike our physical sun (the source of all visible light that can be broken up into its seven component colors), the Solar Logos of our system too is a source of seven great cosmic Rays of spiritual light. These Rays build up the causal body of man, and to each of them there are various spiritual and physical qualities assigned. In this case we can say that the term "Ray" is used in a sense of one special type of force or energetic quality. These seven great streams of energy represent each and every vibration in nature, space and form, and they permeate all objects, all beings and all events in manifestation. They interpenetrate each other and combine themselves in order to produce more complex systems which we refer to as "reality". The seven Rays surpass the possible description by words, or even by thoughts or feelings. They are too essential and all-encompassing to be limited within our own narrow inner space of perception of the great spectrum of reality. Still, certain description of these Rays is possible in terms of the corresponding qualities. Certain qualities of the Rays can be also connected to the seven chakras and to the crystals and mineral kingdom.


Meditation is a fourfold path of purity: pure prayer, pure light, pure energy and pure love. When meditation occurs, love is its flavour.

".......From the deep silence of the inner calm of our relaxed being, we shall slowly utter the words of prayer, waiting patiently and understanding well the inner answer. "Sunny Ray" is a ray od Divine Love and Knowledge that can, if one is open, day-and-night flow into one's body connectiong the micro and Macrocosm."

Every day in the week represents a radiation of a Ray containing the creative power of the Sun and is dedicated to one of the seven Light Rays building up the human body on its way to the "Bridge to Freedom."

Sunday is represented by the Blue Flame which possesses cristal-clear radiation. This ray carries the Light of Knowledge as well as the energy of the Divine qualities of Faith, Strength, Power, Protection, and Sweet God's Will.

Monday is represented by the Golden-Yellow Flame. This ray brings into one's Being energy of the Divine qualities of Wisdom, Enlightenment, Love, and Tranquility.

Tuesday is represented by the Rose Flame. This ray brings into one's microcosm energy of the Divine qualities of Pure Divine Love, Adoration, Beauty and Tolerance.

Wednesday is represented by the White Flame of purity. This fourth ray brings into one's subtle bodies and auras the Light of Knowledge and the energy of the Divine qualities of Purity, Art, Resurrection and Ascension.

Thursday is represented by the Flame, Green as moss with golden radiation. This ray brings into one's Being Divine qualities of Truth, Dedication, Concentration and Healing.

Friday is a day of Spriritual Healing. Friday is represented by the Golden Flame, and the ruby colour. This ray brings into one's Being Divine qualities of Commitment, Divine service, Grace and Spritual Healing.

Saturday is represented by the Violet Flame. This ray brings into one's microcosm Divine qualities of Love, Mercifulness, Compassion, Transfiguration, and Freedom.

Seven Light Rays Meditation

Meditation for the New Age - The Wondrous World of Enlightenment

The Seven Light Rays Meditation is a fantastic invocation that considerably accelerates the spiritual growth of individuals and can be regarded as one of the leading New Age techniques. Olga Rezo introduced the Seven Light Rays Meditation on 15. 03. 1987, when the first seven-day summer workshop was successfully held in Belgrade. Since then, 21-day workshops have been organized each year, so that this summer the twenty-first consecutive workshop has been completed to the great pleasure of the students.

By reconciling all the pairs of opposites, the Middle Way of rightfulness, the narrow path toward the "Bridge to Freedom", will open.

Healthy physical body, purified character, positive emotions, noble thoughts - all that will start attracting what we really need in our lives. It is the abundance of everything most beneficial that belongs to us. The developed intuition is going to bring us clairvoyance. We shall be aware of the link that exists among all life forms in all of the worlds of our endless Universe.

Our personality will undergo the process of transfiguration, purification, and spiritual alchemy – thereby transforming darkness into Light, imperfection into perfection. To attain Divine qualities – that is the aim of the entire humanity and in the same time the end of the game of spiritual improvement on planet Earth.

“Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit” Zechariah 4.6

What we are going to do with our lives depends entirely on ourselves.

And I say that life is indeed darkness save when there is urge,
And all urge is blind save when there is knowledge,
And all knowledge is vain save when there is work,
And all work is empty save when there is love;
And when you work with love you bind yourself to yourself,
and to one another, and to God. * meditation *Kahlil Gibran

The presentation is aimed at all advanced self-conscious individuals of good will, who, in some of its parts or altogether, might find inspiration, guidance, or confirmation of their own experiences and insights.

If you are ready for the new age meditation and the wondrous world of enlightenment, the door for you is wide open.

In 2008 Saturn opposition Uranus

In 2008 Saturn opposition Uranus

Saturn in Virgo shows over concern for the details because the tendency of Saturn towards perfection puts too much weight on Virgo's natural sense of order.
It can brings obsessive concern for undue details. What is essential and what it is not, will be a main issue on the individual and national level.
Saturn is conservative, limiting, structuring, stabilizing the form-aspect in life.

Uranus in Pisces, on the other hand, can act in both directions scattering the two fishes on opposite side, or trying to synthesise the two in a common orientation.
Often the results are in a “washing away of the status quo”.
The Old versus the New - Consolidation versus Intuition.
It is very much expected a strong activist protests, all over the world, challenging the prevailing social conditions.

Uranus brings an energy of intuition which can be found in scientific research work.
On the other hand, the individual can have the opportunity to find his place in society, being more aware of his or her influence on group-interactions: being more active than passive.
Society will find new avenues for evolution and new experiments will be launched with much responsibility for the both the individual and the nation.
With Uranus in Pisces the area of the services for ameliorating social conditions,is much sensitised.
But also Saturn in Virgo puts the emphases on social-service.

At the same time, on Nov. 26 2008, the planet Pluto is taking steps and will enter in the sign of Capricorn for a long while.
This will happen just before the new American president takes office.
At the day of the entry of Pluto in Capricorn there will be a stellium in the hopeful sign of Sagittarius, showing concern for religious issues.
This stellium can bring deep reforms in the area of philosophical and religious attitudes. Pluto is slow and relentless in his action, and we really understand and realise his action years later.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Neptune in the Third House

Neptune in the Third House may indicate that your imaginative and spiritual potential manifests through an intuitive ability of the mind that is able to tune in to other realms of reality for inspiration, Through sound psychological faculties, spiritual perception and a fruitful, inventive mind. You are given to the investigation of spiritual phenomena and matters pertaining to metaphysics, the occult or the mysterious. Some weird experiences can be expected, perhaps while travelling or in the form of hallucinations or morbid fancies. You appreciate those forms of art and literature that provide an exalted order of inspiration, feelings and intuition.

Uranus in the Third House

With a Third House Uranus you are likely to seek individual freedom of expression through an original, intellectual, inventive, ingenious, unconventional and unusual mind. A natural free-thinker you will explore new ideas and new areas of knowledge without becoming influenced by other people s biased opinions. Your curiosity is likely to extend to things mystical, New Age, occult, extraordinary, profound and ancient. You may become involved with some form of social or mental reforms. Travel will be an important feature. Expect many changes, unusual experiences and constructive crises in your life related to the above issues.

Saturn in the Third House

A Third House Saturn suggests that your career or area of responsibility in the world relates to an ability for mental discipline, concentration, mental control, orderly reasoning and logical thinking. Much hard work is required in communications, writing and obtaining relevant educational qualifications. A profession in teaching, administration, accounts, publishing or some kind of research is likely. There is a need to discipline the mind against needless worry, gloom, restlessness, anxiety and misgivings. With maturity a contemplative mind, responsible, thoughtful and capable of concentration on serious or profound subjects is developed. The technique of clear communication in speaking and writing is of paramount importance.

Monday, August 4, 2008


"As above, so below. As within, so without. The outer follows the inner." (New Age Mantra)

Outer Sense: Touch - how your skin processes touch to help you perceive the physical world.
Inner Sense: Clairsentience - ("clear feeling") - feeling guided by emotional/physical sensations.

Dear Soul Friend,

Those who possess the skill of Clairsentience can tell you this is how it manifests in one's life:

* Goosebumps: Most people are naturally clairsentient. This is the "lowest" form of inner guidance and it is hard wired into the human physical body. "Goosebumps" happen when the hairs on your skin rise up so much that bumps appear. Clairsentient "goosebumps" happen when you have reached the "right" conclusion to your current situation... and your Higher Self wants to show you that it wholeheartedly agrees with you.

* Tingles: "Tingles" are the sensation of "pins and needles" racing through your body. While "goosebumps" usually arise in response to a single decision, racing "tingles" usually happen over a period of time. "Tingles" are meant to guide you through a series of decisions during a critical period... most often a time of crisis when you are in physical danger. This is your Higher Self trying to keep you alive until you can get to safety.

* Back Arch: Most experienced soldiers end up developing this ability. Their back arches once they have walked into a dangerous situation alerting them to their imminent peril. This instinctive reaction of tensing up the muscles makes the soldier's body less vulnerable to injury. This "proximity detector" is another way that your Higher Self can act to help keep you alive when circumstances could easily work to end your life.

* Eureka Lightning Bolt: "Eureka, I've found it!" is the most famous example of the clairsentient "Lightning Bolt" at work. This lightning bolt of clairsentience is what went through Archimedes when he discovered the principle of buoyancy in his bath and ran onto the streets naked to tell others about it. Others have felt this lightning bolt at moments of intense inspiration (but, not to worry, hardly anyone else runs around naked).

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