Monday, August 4, 2008


There is a change point at the level of courage. Below the level of courage are states of consciousness that lead to suffering. At the level of courage, we have the courage to look at ourselves and recognize that we are at the source of our own suffering and we also have the potential to be at the source of creating our own joy and peace.

"Surely the bravest are those who see what must be done and go out and do it anyway." (Thucydides)

Dear Soul Friend,

Courage is the golden thread that draws us ever higher into the inner realms of God.

Courage is the fuel that gives us strength to make our journey through life. If you feel you are lacking in courage, know that coming to Earth to have a spiritual experience was in and of itself a great act of bravery. If you want to be more courageous, here are some things that can help you do so:

* Trust in God: When you put your life in God's hands, you are as safe and as protected as you can be while in this lower world of karma and reincarnation. This does not mean you should throw caution to the winds and ignore common sense rules of safety. It means you should go forth into the world in a sensible way, knowing that most people in the world are good and that most situations most of the time are perfectly safe for you.

* Focus on Safety: What you focus on with the most emotional intensity is what you get in the universe. When you focus on fear by envisioning fearful situations and outcomes, you are actually creating them. Only you can control what you focus on. So start creating your own reality as you would like it to be. Focus on safety: see yourself as being safe and protected at all times. Make safety your reality so that you can become courageous.

* Act with Courage: Here is what the old saying "A coward dies a 1,000 deaths, the brave man just once" really means. In the moment requiring courage, the brave person acts with courage based on who they really are inside. The brave person is satisfied with their conduct in the past and has no need to regret what happened. The cowardly person is never satisfied with themselves and relives the past by thinking of what they could or should have done with that past courageous moment. So, being courageous, means is acting from who we really are inside the courageous moment without fear knowing that at all times God will act to protect us.

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