Monday, August 4, 2008


"As above, so below. As within, so without. The outer follows the inner." (New Age Mantra)

Outer Sense: Touch - how your skin processes touch to help you perceive the physical world.
Inner Sense: Clairsentience - ("clear feeling") - feeling guided by emotional/physical sensations.

Dear Soul Friend,

Those who possess the skill of Clairsentience can tell you this is how it manifests in one's life:

* Goosebumps: Most people are naturally clairsentient. This is the "lowest" form of inner guidance and it is hard wired into the human physical body. "Goosebumps" happen when the hairs on your skin rise up so much that bumps appear. Clairsentient "goosebumps" happen when you have reached the "right" conclusion to your current situation... and your Higher Self wants to show you that it wholeheartedly agrees with you.

* Tingles: "Tingles" are the sensation of "pins and needles" racing through your body. While "goosebumps" usually arise in response to a single decision, racing "tingles" usually happen over a period of time. "Tingles" are meant to guide you through a series of decisions during a critical period... most often a time of crisis when you are in physical danger. This is your Higher Self trying to keep you alive until you can get to safety.

* Back Arch: Most experienced soldiers end up developing this ability. Their back arches once they have walked into a dangerous situation alerting them to their imminent peril. This instinctive reaction of tensing up the muscles makes the soldier's body less vulnerable to injury. This "proximity detector" is another way that your Higher Self can act to help keep you alive when circumstances could easily work to end your life.

* Eureka Lightning Bolt: "Eureka, I've found it!" is the most famous example of the clairsentient "Lightning Bolt" at work. This lightning bolt of clairsentience is what went through Archimedes when he discovered the principle of buoyancy in his bath and ran onto the streets naked to tell others about it. Others have felt this lightning bolt at moments of intense inspiration (but, not to worry, hardly anyone else runs around naked).

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