Monday, August 4, 2008

Attractor Fields

Let's start from the idea that the whole universe, including everything in it, is a sea of energy, which we can term a field of consciousness, traditionally associated with divinity or God. Within that all encompassing sea of energy, there are numerous energy fields, each with distinct properties.

Dr. David Hawkins, author of Power Vs. Force, uses the term Attractor Fields to describe the field of energy specific to a level of consciousness. Each level on his Map of Consciousness is associated with a distinct attractor field and that field predominates in the experience of the person at that level of consciousness.

I see an attractor field as a matrix of energy surrounding the physical body. It includes the aura, but is not limited to it. The field contains thoughts that have been realized within the body and sent back out into the surrounding energy field to attract circumstances back to us that reflect those thoughts, giving the illusion that there is an objective reality "out there". The Heisenberg principle, which states that it is impossible to have objective observation independent of the person doing the observing, scientifically supports this.

People with low levels of consciousness, for example at the level of Shame (calibrating at 20 on Hawkins' scale) have dense attractor fields that are close in around the body. It's difficult for anything of higher frequency to get through this field so the person has difficulty seeing beyond the shame that dominates their consciousness. In contrast, people at the level of Love (calibrates at 500 on Hawkins' scale) have more expanded, less dense attractor fields, so their potential experience is much less limited.

The human brain is a receiver of thought energy and converts the thought energy into electromagnetic energy. Certain thoughts tend to predominate in an attractor field. Individuals will think those thoughts over and over again, thinking they belong to them, whereas actually they are a function of the attractor field. When those thoughts are processed, they are experienced in the body and sent back out into the attractor field, where they continue to attract the same circumstances to that individual.

According to Hawkins, individuals are born with a certain level of consciousness, hence the attractor field is already in place at birth. This level can be changed, but in practice, most people do not vary much from their birth level, and some may even drop in consciousness.

The human Will is what allows us to progress beyond the attractor field we are in. Any time we allow more unlimited thoughts to register in our brains (without allowing the ego to block them) the brain develops new neural pathways for changing those higher frequency thoughts into electromagnetic energy to register in the body.

To activate the Will, one can simply use intent, but in practice it is difficult to change levels of consciousness on one's own. Traditionally, the student seeks out a teacher at a higher level of consciousness, and the attractor field of the teacher adds the necessary energy for the student to expand his or her attractor field. By the same token, the benefit of attending self-help groups or classes that calibrate at higher levels is the energy of the attractor field and its power to uplift us.

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