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Kwan Yin on The Violet Flame

From Craig: Thoughts, words and energy projection.

When we have a projection of a thought, there is responsibility for the effect of that. When thoughts are translated into words, there is also responsibility. Good thoughts create positive vibrations, but negative thoughts create consequences. We know this. Kwan Yin and the Masters strongly impart to us that gossip is extremely potent, harmful both to the one being talked about and to the one talking about them. This is because our negative thoughts, words and feelings take flight from our consciousness and transform into little invisible daggers flying through the air. When they find their destination, it can attach to the aura, crippling the recipient. Then, if the person issuing the words or thoughts has weak areas in their aura, the thoughtform they created may turn and attack them.

This is why the Violet Flame meditation is so important. It clears any mistakes you have made and frees you from any karmic implications. I wouldn't want to be dragging any more karma along with me than I already have. We may not be able to control ourselves sometimes, but we can remember to catch a rotten thought, shift it, and then transmute it with a quick Violet Flame meditation prayer. Because whatever we send out, we are responsible for.

From Kwan Yin:
The Violet Flame has always been present in your realm, but as far as introducing the words, so as to be used as an affirmation, it was in 1932. That is when it was introduced for this particular state of development for mankind by the Ballards.

Both of the Ballards have always been in service on the golden ray and the pink ray. So they are capable, because of illumination and of love, to magnetize these energies. They have done it for centuries - longer that that. So they magnetize and bring together the aspects of total creation because of love of mankind and totality.

The first time on earth for the Violet Flame was Lemuria. These people were very awake and aware that this existed, but the wording was not as it is now. The Violet Flame was used as a mind projection. There were no words then.

In Atlantis it was just a natural part of how it is that the little ones used ALL of the rays. Of course, there were those who did not adhere to those beliefs, you know. All the people did not have the same belief system. But they did use all of the flames and all of the directions because of the crystal aspect of life at that time. And they were not called flames, they were called projections. That was the word that was used then instead of flame. Because they understood that it was something coming from a major source.

In Atlantis, St. Germain had not done a whole lot of incarnation at that time. But what the little ones need to understand is that everyone has existed for all time. Just because they are in the body now as they are does not mean that they have not been a being of great light. The soul has many projections. It is like the sun which has many rays coming off of it. Your soul is like that as well. It has many rays coming off of it. St. Germain has always been on the ray of freedom. He did not just come into existence and then declare he was on the ray - no, he was the ray.

For this period of time St Germain is in charge, so the Violet Ray is very important. When you pick out the Violet Flame or the violet aura, it is part of the vibratory rate of the planet of earth that is being enhanced at this time by the light of the sun, the magnetic field that is being opened up by consciousness, and the design and desire to be free. So it is the freedom. That's what the Violet Ray is about, freedom. So we see people say, "I WANT TO BE FREE OF THIS! I WANT TO BE FREE OF THAT!" Well, along with freedom comes discipline and responsibility, yes?

For some of you who may have trouble sleeping, you may belong to the pattern of the Violet Ray. It is a pattern that is always trying to get free, trying to move. Is a mover and a shaker, so to speak. So it is an energetic. What is needed is to cool that down a little bit with the Green Ray. So in meditation, cool with the Green. That will bring out some of the sizzle that is going on, because the Violet Ray has a lot of red. Put the green in and it is going to cool.

The usage of The Violet Flame takes you back to the Source. If you can do that, and go back to the Source of who you really are, then you are back in your soul. The I AM is a vibration of the soul and heart together. Each one now is learning to use the heart meditation instead of just using the head. It is the connection to the Source. It is coming to a degree of understanding where one embodies what they really are at the Source.

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