Monday, July 7, 2008

Part IV The North Node

The North Node is the symbol of the future,. It represents a new experience as yet untried. For the individual, this is the new cycle to which he is looking forward. Carrying with it all the apprehensions of the unknown and as yet untried experiences this nodal position nevertheless has a curious magnetic allure, pulling the soul towards its future growth.

There is Divine Providence in trying something new, and here the individual receives much help for his effort. At the very deepest levels of his being he feels a sense of direction. His purpose to live spurs him on in spit of all obstacles. In fact, this Nodal Position is like a treasure filled cornucopia reaping one benefit after another as each obstacle is turned into a stepping stone of future growth.

It symbolizes the highest area of expression to b reached in the current life and therefore must be interpreted by the highest qualities of the sign and house in which it is placed. The new experiences seem lonely at first as the individual is unsure of his footing. He soon comes to realise that if his test of courage are to be meaningful, they must be faced alone at the core of his being where each new adventure finds him as the single character of his own unique experience. The newness of it all creates a peculiar fascination in the individual.

Always he sees it in front of him like the proverbial carrot used to make the donkey walk yet every time he thinks he reaches it, it's higher possibilities become visible to him, demanding still more footsteps, more tests, and more of a desire to go forward. But man cannot reach his north node until he learns to shed his past for his past represent the shackles of his karmic prison. The new cycle of the North Node is a new problem heretofore unconfronted. It is mans discontent with the old and decaying ways of his past coupled with his great desire for the discovery and exploration of his higher potential in the future.

With each step closer he starts to feel better about himself. His life takes on new meaning as he experiences possibilities he had never considered. But man does not achieve his North Node until after he rises to the highest karmic levels of his South Node. He must learn to give up gracefully the negative habits and memories which no longer serve a useful purpose in his life. He must be willing to walk where he feels there are no footsteps before him.

The most amazing feature about the North Node is that however much man achieves it, there is always more to go- as it truly represents his everlasting upward spiral towards God.

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