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Sixth House North Node--Twelfth House South Node

This individual spends most of his time in deep thought. He likes to be left alone so that uninterrupted by others he can let his inner reflections sift through the karmic memories of all his past incarnations. This is not to say that he doesn't like company, or that hes even aware of what hes doing. The fact is that he goes so deep as to become totally oblivious to anything he's thinking about. He loses himself in himself.

Always the conscious reason for going inward is based on logical intention, but the individual tends to reach the point where all logical eludes him. The Neptunian subtlety of the depths he reaches remains a mystery to even him!

One of his greatest problems is that while he stats inside himself he is preventing others from stabilizing his mental journeys. As a result, he accumulates enormous past life fears, having no idea whether they are real or imagined or just a compressed collection of the mental scenery on his inward journey.

Still the basis of his outward life is built on fear and imagination, and regardless of how strong the rest of the chart is, he keeps having moments of not being able to find confidence in himself. He is a lot like the turtle constantly peeking out of shell. People close to him see his life as a tendency to avoid all that seems real

He spends most of his time watching others from behind a see-through mirror. Ultimately he comes to believe that the rest of the world is viewing him with the same scrutiny. There is a latent paranoia built into this Nodal position.

In areas of work he is an unusually poor organizer leaving many scattered ends behind him and always feeling that there are not enough hours in the day to complete his chores. His problem is that he doesn't know how to budget his time, and as a result he is constantly trying to catch up to the present.

Much like the rabbit with the clock in Alice in Wonderland he keeps throwing himself into the position of having to rush to avoid being late.

Part of his life will at one time be involved with hospitals institutions or organizations which demand him to structure his ways. He needs this in order to come of of his inner self

The big karmic lesson is for him to learn responsibility instead of feeling sorry or all the woes that seems to beset him. More than any other house in the zodiac, he cries at the slightest hurt either real or imagined. Sometimes the crying is inward, but always it is there for on the very deepest levels he feels the love that he has to give does unnoticed and unappreciated. Because he thinks this way, he becomes his own creator of gloom; an woe to the person who tries to pull him out for then he will have a receptive ear for all the past life hurts, fears and worries he has not yer even verbalized!

Underneath all else, he is a bottomless well of fretting, with not enough deep faith in the positive outcome of events. He must work in building trust so that he can have strength to come out of his shell. Once he does, he is one of the most compassionate beautiful and useful people in the zodiac.

His sixth house North Node gives him great pleasure in helping others, but he cannot do this well until he realizes and accepts the fact that in this incarnation he has chosen a life of sacrifice.

He must learn how to organize his thoughts his work and his diet, for he is a natural born healer, capable of defying the limit of practical medicine with his own more mystical methods of curing. But a talent is not a talent until it is developed, and an individual is no more than he thinks he is. Ultimately he will come to learn that his greatest gift is faith. But he will work long and hard to reach that awareness.

Part of the current life will be spent nursing or coping with physical or mental illness, Either in himself or others close to him. His major growth occurs when he realizes that all illness is no more than disharmony in thought something inside himself is constantly trying to tell him this, and he must learn not to allow his past life fears to block what is now being opened for him.

Many with theses Nodes go through experiences of illnesses that miraculously disappear to the amazement of medical doctors, dentists and other professional practitioners. The karmic lesson here is to learn the higher reason why, for as soon as understanding is reached, the new born faith starts to heal. Once he comes aware of the power of his faith, he becomes a veritable dynamo.

As he builds in more positive thought currents, he automatically learns not to criticize others for the lack of perfection he sees in them.

His outlook on life remains clinical scrutinizing and diagnosing all he comes in contact with.

Of all the Nodal positions, this is the most difficult to open up to past incarnations. The twelfth house South Node has completed karmic path, the details of which are to remain forever sealed in past times, even tho the subtle Akashic essence still remains.

Lifetimes of escaping inner torment have been completed. The individual must come to realize that most of his inner negativity is not related to the current life but only exists through his continuing to think along a track which has already ended.

He still has inner feelings of being persecuted which he must learn to bury once and for all for the more he allows himself to dwell in such thoughts, the more he will inadvertently recreate such circumstances.

He should learn to realize the past for exactly what it is: no more than a memory, and more real than a photograph in his mind, which he now has the free choice of holding on to for the sake of its misery or discarding so that he may step out into a productive new world.

Once he can put his entire state of consciousness into a positive and productive outlook on life, he will be able to chart experiencing new meaning in his existence.

The sign which contains the South Node shows the ways in which the individual blocks his current life advancement by withdrawing into karma is already has completed. The sign which contains the North Node indicates the ways he can now develop a fruitful life through service.


Atom Ant said...

This is just GLORIOUS! Thanks and best of luck! :)

Gioia Gioia said...

Such a wonderful and well considered explanation of this difficult placement. Thank you.

Patricia Woods said...

this is the best and most conscise and relelent explaination i have read. absolutley brillient! many thanks..

mBody Spirit said...

Please use commas in the appropriate places of your writing. It gets a bit frustrating to read. Otherwise, great article (although, I did notice some phrases that were copied from other articles on this subject).

Tomas DeSantis said...

Wonderful, very helpful. Thank you.

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