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Anunnaki - Sumeria - Nephilim

Zecharia Sitchin

Genesis Revisited combines Sitchen’s interpretation of the Sumerian culture with his ideas on what NASA knows but isn’t telling us, including what it knows about Mars and Phobos 2. He recounts the history of UFO sightings and says the US government wants us to think it has lost interest in tracking UFOs when it actually has a very big interest. In fact, NASA may be aware that the moonlet of Mars called Phobos could be a space station for other intelligent beings. One Soviets writer speculated that Phobos was an artificial satellite put in orbit millions of years ago (or much more recently?). Sitchen leaves us with much speculation that Mars and its tiny moon, Phobos, may already be in use by the same Annunaki who launched the human race thousands of years ago.

Sumeria and the Anunnaki

Sumerian Gods and Goddesses

Sumerian Book of Creation & Language

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The Serpent of Life and Wisdom

" When you see the caduceus, know you are triggering your own genetic memory and seeing your heritage. Each one of you holds within you the DNA, in varying degrees, the wisdom from the Anunnaki and the Source. Since Enki and Ninhursag, there have been other off-planet beings who added in their own DNA to the human species."

So, you are all a mixture - and all one family from the One God. Within you is the consciousness with which you can liberate yourselves through SELF-knowledge and return to the garden."

The Anunnaki

The Journey of The DNA Anunnaki

Jehovah - Yahweh - YHWH - Adonai

The Watchers - Nephilim

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The gods of Eden

The book: The gods of Eden

An Analysis of The gods of Eden

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Cult of The One God - Aten



"As we have shown, Jehovah is Adon, and Adon is Aton. He is the Phoenician and Persian Yawnah, the Welsh Jawnah, and the English Jon (meaning "sun"). Aton is Adni or Agni, the Sun-Lord of the Hindus. He is Don of the ancient Celts and Phoenicians who had founded the cities of Thebes and Avaris in Egypt. The Druids at these cities, and at other locations, brought the world the original unadulterated Solar Theocracy, one which was corrupted later into Atonism and Judeo-Christianity. Akhenaton not only brought political havoc to his country, he brought theological havoc to the world of religious ideas as well. He and his coterie, the "Brotherhood of the Snake" (Bramley) did not worship light in the manner of the Druids. Their understanding of the sun and of light was not akin to that which we possess today. Judeo-Christianity is the child of Atonism and is also controlled by those elites involved in the worship of what might be referred to as "the dark side of the sun." Another word for this kind of worship is Luciferianism. Lucifer is a god of light, or rather, of the dark side of light. The secret fraternities which preserve the most antique doctrines of the Chaldeans, Druids, and Medes, are also responsible for turning the gnosis of light into a travesty in order to deceive the human race and cause metaphysical incongruence. If one was to say that Aton was Lucifer they would be quite right. If one was to say that Jehovah was Lucifer they would also be correct. As author Brinsley Le Poer Trench wrote in his book Sky People:

It is very plainly put in arcane literature that Jehovah was originally a Lord of Mars. He is also the god of battles…Mars and its lord are somehow deeply associated with strife and violence, affecting and afflicting that type of humanity inhabiting the Earth

The Lord is a man of war; the Lord is his name - (Exodus 15:3)

Beauty has a dark side. Sexuality has one. Mercy has a dark side and so does love. Anger has a good side and hate also. This is the way that the ancients saw life. For gods of light there were the gods of darkness. For gods of the overworld there were gods of the underworld.

Freud did not realize, as most still do not, that the term Elohim (from Eloah, and Aleim), which implies a plurality of "gods," simply referred to the Egyptian (and Phoenician-Sumerian) kings and pharaohs who were considered nothing less than living gods. These kings of the Euphrates and the Nile not only styled themselves on the gods of ancient pantheons, but were regarded as actual embodiments of and channels for the will of those gods and goddesses. They were the "Keepers," the "Watchers," the "Elders," the "Kadosh." Secondary permutations of the words, Elohim, Nephilim, and Annunaki, refer to these living incarnate gods, the Pharaohs of Egypt, and the various stellar, solar, and lunar priestarchies they headed. The Ankh is a symbol of the Nephilim, or Annunaki and their primordial knowledge and royal status. It served the same symbolic purpose as the modern crown, scepter, and mace. Indeed, the very word ankh is a loose rendering of the word Annunaki, meaning "Heavenly Serpents," or "those who came down from heaven to earth. That Judeo-Christianity was not originally monotheistic is demonstrated by the fact that Elohim is commonly considered identical to Jehovah.

For Yahweh is the great God of Gods, Lord of the Elohim - (Deuteronomy 10:17)

Collect what belongs to truth, for truth is what the King says - (from Egyptian Pyramid Texts, 2348 BC)"

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James Widing said...

the morning star is Venus and her male counterpart is the being known as Lucifer. Venus is where mars corruption began. The DNA scientists there, because it was tropical and had more variety of complex living things. If earth was the farm for food, Venus was the african congo preserve. they eventually overpopulated because of their goddess. and had to mirgrate here and mars. Mars fell second in a huge Sol system spanning civil war. Venusians are blonde. Martians are red headed, and are what you called nephlim. Because of genetic cloning, and wars mars female and male sexes, became homosexually dominated. and eventually turned all male, even the females. The catholic church, and the muslim and Islamic churches are from there. The yogic influences, are native to earth. You must understand, these 3 worlds, span kingdoms into alternate realm cosmic tree branches but our realm, is a prime realm. Earth is designed to surive we help or not, as an anomoly in spacetime itself. The big bang is a loop that keeps repeating in the same location in absolutism. If the light of the second sohar was the first star born and the morning star, then the shining star is archangel Michaels stronghold as the third stride or sohar or the last star to be born in the cosmos, and is the god we know as Anubis. I know of the shining star, because he actually existed in the last universal incarnation, and I could not have known this, if the universe did not repeat in the same exact place.

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