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There is but one religion, the religion of Truth. -- James Allen

The Horrible Truth About Religion

Ghost Theory of the Origin of Religion

The Secret Teachings Of All Ages by Manly P. Hall 1928

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"Invitation to the Spirit Land" by Josiah Wolcott, 1853

The History of Spiritualism

Ancient Spiritualism

Native Spiritualism

The Bible Teaches Spiritualism

NEARLY EVERY BOOK in the Bible and a large percentage of their chapters discuss matters which can be understood only by studying them in the light of Spiritualism. In 248 different places the Bible mentions angels ministering to man. In spite of opponents’ few criticisms and Scripture quotations, not only does Spiritualism prove and explain the out of the ordinary stories of the Bible, but the Bible in turn will be found to give authority and substantiation to Spiritualism.

-1 COR. 2:10-16

What is Spirituality?

Articles on spirituality and spiritualism.

Spirituality - Definition the True Inner Meaning

Religion and Spirituality - What Differentiates Religion from Spirituality?

Spirituality: The Key to Problems of our Age

Love in the Time of Old Age

Growth, The Spiritual Way

Spirituality and Management

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The Contemplation to Gain Love

Spirituality & Alternative Spirituality

Articles on Spirituality (Index)



Spiruality: A Brief Look Into the Spirituality of Spirals (pdf)

SECRET WISDOM" in the teachings of all world SPIRITUAL teachers

Key to Lasting Spirituality Can Be Found in Children

Spiritual Links

Without Love There is No Spiritual Path

So long as the lover is not immersed in love,
His sins and evil thoughts are not washed off.
If one's attention is not absorbed in the inner sky,
How can he see the wondrous inner sights?

So long as the intense longing for the Beloved
does not arise,
And the heart is not filled with love;
The spiritual goal cannot be attained
By mere observance of religious practices,
vows and rituals.

Whatever be the bulk of one's charity and virtuous deeds,
One can find no foothold anywhere without devotion.

Have firm faith in love and devotion.
Love is the essence of spiritual truth.
Reflect on this saying of the Saints,
By this alone, one is saved from the ocean of the world.

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