Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Message and Plea from the Hopi Elders for the Indigo Children:


"To Hopi, children are the natural healers of the manifest and unmanifest world.
From the beginning, we have called upon them, day-to-day, to restore and sustain
the harmony and balance upon which the Hopi and the world depend.

They bring fresh attachment to life and the future, hope to what is ever-coming
to be. Peace among peoples and cultures, health and purity in nature, love and
hope within our homes all depend upon this hopeful healing nature of children.
It is in learning through them that we come again to restore our true selves and
to create the daily balance by which we and all life are sustained.

When discord and hatred, disrespect and abuse rule the home for a time, it is to
the children that the parents turn. Their voice is a healing. Through them,
mother and father learn to speak to one another again. Respect is recovered;
proper behavior renewed; family, the balm of days, is restored; and Hopi life is

It is time once again that we turn to the children and seek from those who are
innocent and have the power to heal all waters and for all of life which it
sustains -- or not. As the life-quality of water is threatened by human and
industrial waste, by irresponsible behaviors and disrespect -- as sickened water
weakens all of life - it is the prayers of children that must bring hope-filled
healing to the spirit and substance of water, to water-the-source-of-all-life."

The Hopi Elders

There are many references to the color BLUE in prophecies about the future of humanity entering into a golden age. The Blue Kachina - Native American - Hopi Prophecy

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